Apr 15

Spy-E: Idea

This semester for Agile course, Arman Garip, Can Göçmen, Deniz Sökmen, Enes Şenel and I came together as a team to develop something that I personally wanted to be involved in.

It is Spy-E!, (pronounced as sphay-hee, not spahi, that’s something else.). It’s a game!

It may seem very standard goal for today’s world, well, all of us wanted to develop a one that we play and enjoy.

First we started talking about which games we enjoy most. Starting with Metal Gear Solid series, an upcoming MGS V: Phantom Pain, mostly Deniz and I enjoyed how the stealth is used as a game mechanics. Starting from MSX2 (very old gaming console from Japan), the first game of the series, Metal Gear was the first one to include these mechanics.  Furthermore it moved to NES platform with a very bad remake of the MSX2 version. After that Metal Gear Solid (over six million copies sold) was released on Playstation. Moving the game from 2D to 3D, for me it’s a unbelievable breakthrough. (Beware that Playstation has a MIPS R3000A-family R3051 CPU with 33.8688 MHz clock.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 15.55.48

(Water reflections are amazing, for that time.)


Metal Gear Solid: VR, (extra missions, which are a great expansion also to the story.) the main character of the series, Snake trains in a VR environment for a greater threat, a device which can launch a nuclear missile to every location on earth. (Summarising a very big franchise with a one sentence 🙁 ) You learn about stealth and weapons in those missions.

I met with MGS franchise, long time ago with MGS 3: Snake Eater via my PS2. One of our random conversations with Deniz, he convinced me to play the whole series to understand the whole franchise.

Long story short, we decided to make a game that has a theme like MGS:VR, except you are not a super-genetically-engineered soldier. Your character will be a anonymous person who wishes to be a Spy to be used by a fictional government to steal enemy intelligence from well-protected enemy headquarters. You should be able to avoid enemy soldiers, surveillance systems to be stay undetected.

It was a pity for MGS: VR to not be able to build your own levels. After you beat all of them, you probably get bored after a while. We decided to include an level editor to Spy-E for that reason.

We started developing Spy-E last month with agile methodology. Each week(sprint) we are required to show our additions to the project and discuss about the requirements with our instructor.

About the engine(is it in-house or third-party?), screenshots, models and more, in next post.