Nov 12

My 3rd “Hello World”

“Hello World”

Yes again! I was failed to manage two different blogs for English and for Turkish. I was unable update them for a while. Later, I have lost my excitement to continue being a blog author.

As you may know, I finally started to live my dream about my professional life. I am currently an official “Computer Science(BSc)” student in Ozyegin University. It will be quite exciting to increase my knowledge about the academic methodology about the things that I was working on. (You may have an idea about that things(!) from my old blog. They are at old.tdgunes.org)

I will try to keep this blog, like a record. It will be not only for me for those who wanted know me in detail. I believe I will not lose my excitement for my last blog.

“This time is going to be different, trust me!” (Apple Commercials)