May 15

Using Django with Spatialite on Debian

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 15.21.41

SpatiaLite is a library for extending SQLite core for efficient Spatial functions. I am currently using it, during research. It’s a bit cumbersome to install it with Django 1.8. After hours of struggling, I finally installed it on my Debian system.

In order to not waste some much hours, I wrote whole process to this gist.(64 lines)

But I want to write some of gotchas here:

  • Before starting make sure you have installed build-essential.
  • Make sure you also installed python2.7-dev package, this is required for packages that uses Python.h
  • + don’t forget to install libexpat1, libexpat1-dev, both required for compiling spatialise-tools.
  • There is a slight difference with paths during the compilation. Some of the libraries tend to look only to usr/lib, usr/includebut others just only check usr/local/bin, /usr/local/include.
  • On my local system (Mac OS X), after following steps from Django’s Docs on Spatialite, I added this to my settings.py


Apr 14

MongoDB Presentation for CS202

You can download my MongoDB presentation that is prepared for my CS202 course, here.

DB Presentation.001

Nov 12

My 3rd “Hello World”

“Hello World”

Yes again! I was failed to manage two different blogs for English and for Turkish. I was unable update them for a while. Later, I have lost my excitement to continue being a blog author.

As you may know, I finally started to live my dream about my professional life. I am currently an official “Computer Science(BSc)” student in Ozyegin University. It will be quite exciting to increase my knowledge about the academic methodology about the things that I was working on. (You may have an idea about that things(!) from my old blog. They are at old.tdgunes.org)

I will try to keep this blog, like a record. It will be not only for me for those who wanted know me in detail. I believe I will not lose my excitement for my last blog.

“This time is going to be different, trust me!” (Apple Commercials)