Magic Tricks in iOS Development

Yes, magic :-),

I started working in a firm that develops solutions for events like congress etc. As you know, in professional life, you need to deliver your products on the time. If you are doing repetitive tasks for the products, you definitely need to do some magic tricks.


My first recommendation before telling you my magic tricks, for the iOS developers(this is true for other developers as well) is to understand requirements, priorities very well. What is the most important thing to do first? A feature or half-finished mobile app that is delivered on time.

Secondly write clean code, you know very well why. Ask Uncle Bob.

And now magic trick number one: Most of time I got frustrated by lack of automation for taking screenshots of your application inside Xcode. Well I found a workaround, which is above my expectations.

It’s called Snapshot.(I highly recommended it. Kudos to its author.) It generates the screenshots of your app by executing a UI interaction script. Author of Snapshot, Felix Krause, also has small tiny components that can be combined with fastlane to automate the whole deployment process.

I am using Swift for a while and I want to recommend you the third party libraries that I use, and all of them are magical.

  • JSON.swift, very simplistic NSJSONSerialization wrapper by Dan Kogai
  • Async.legacy, Syntactic sugar in Swift for asynchronous dispatches
  • SQLite.swift, by Stephen Celis, saves you tons of headaches if you are using SQLite in your project. Plus has a very well-written documentation.

My final advice is, even though the 3rd party libraries are tempting at first, later you can get headaches too. Please be careful while choosing a 3rd party library. It may be buggy, make sure that you really need it.

The libraries that I shared with you above, are the ones that I really like. If you find a bug in any library that you use, please don’t forget to report it or fix it and send your patch to the author.  It will be very useful for other suffering developers.

And may the force be with you!

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