From North to South, South to East

“Long time, no siege!”


It is maybe the strange year, the year 2013. The second semester I found myself very tired about lessons, club duties etc. At the end of the semester, the activity that I wanted to do the most was going bed for whole day.(maybe a month :P)

My cousin, Onur went to Kalmar, Sweden with Erasmus Student Exchange. He was there for approx. 8 months. Every time when I talked with him, he wanted me to come there and make me stay there for a week or so. When days became closer to holiday, he wanted to make a trip all around the Europe with his parents etc.

DSC_0099 So me, my aunt and her husband, we arrived to the Kopenhagen, Denmark in 15th of June at midnight. We met with Onur and Deniz(Onur’s friend from university).

These are the stations and cities that we visited during 15 days:



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