So Java? Recursive? End of The Semester?

A lot of question marks, Yes!

After fifteen weeks in university, it is finally end of the semester which has not been completely finished yet. Although there are still remaining final exams, it makes you feel that way.

As you know, I am passionately following my dream in university, this fifteen week were full of interesting and quite exciting stuff, especially about my major. Being a computer science student, eventually generates an unimaginable love for the lectures that are specifically for CS students. (even though I have missed some of CS101 lectures).

So in the first semester, all of the engineers are required to attend to CS101 (except the mechanical engineers, they are taught some mechanical drawing stuff in the first semester.) CS101 is an introductory course for computer science and(Geeks, please do not expect Object-Oriented topics) Java is used as the programming language.

JAVA! Yeah, they were a lot of students who have regret that being an engineer after installing eclipse! (First Week in GoSoapBox App) Not pure Java, we have used java.acm.* library. (Stanford Java Task Force) It makes newcomers to easily be adapted to a language which is both sophisticated and powerful. For me, CS101 started with some basic stuff which is really important for the people who have no idea about programming. Following some basic stuff made me bored sometimes(kind of println(“Hello World”) 🙂 ), however after a while I have realised that my approaches for some programatic problems are really complicated. I can also achieve to make what have I required, but in a complicated way. (This realisation was happened in the half of the semester.) Later, I felt that applying the concepts that I learned makes things work in a way, which is less complicated. Consequently, I took this as personal note. 🙂

Finale of the course was about recursive methods. Basically, you call a function, which calls itself again until to a condition, if not, say hello to the pretty “StackOverFlow” error.  We are assigned to make a minefield game. Don’t be afraid, it is an easy console-based one.  We were not required, but assignment paper mentioned that it will be fun to add the ability to reveal all of the zeros by choosing just a one zero piece if there are near zero pieces in the 3×3 area.(Selected piece is at is at center.) So I have tried this approach and it worked flawlessly(not quite perfect, after discussing this in CS Lab, there is even better way to do it).


Basic logic is storing a list of zeros to prevent a loop. (“STACKOVERFLOW”).

In conclusion, (ENG101) “Finals are coming!, we need to conceal ourselves.” 🙂

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  1. Taha your article was perfect, HOWEVER,you should prefer 2 thick body .

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